“We used to be quite scrappy,” starts Thomas Tantrum’s bass player Jim Shivers. “Kid punk” confirms front-woman Megan Thomas of the nifty four piece’s earlier output.

Like it or not, but Thomas Tantrum’s scrappy days are well and truly over. The all new Thomas Tantrum are certainly just as fun as they once were, but they are now a slicker, deliciously mature offering. A polished, verging on perfect indie-pop proposition, the all new Thomas Tantrum come bearing scrumptious melodies, lyrical sophistication and, for the very first time, the occasional synth.
It would be foolish not to mention that this new instrument in Thomas Tantrum’s eclectic, electric arsenal came about through accident rather than design. “I kind of fell down a hill” murmurs guitarist David Miatt mysteriously. “So I couldn’t play guitar for a while”.

The fabulous ‘Sleep’, the first single from their total ruddy charmer of a second album, ‘Mad By Moonlight’, was the triumphant result of Dave’s flirtation. Kicking off with a Lulu-worthy wail from a heartily lunged Megan, the strutting skewed-soul anthem and indie disco floor filler throws down the gauntlet for Thomas Tantrum Mk. 2. Far from chucking a Korg on everything as many acts in current musical climate have done, Thomas Tantrum’s new effort is a lesson in harnessing the power of sonic diversity.